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Welcome to New Leaf!

My name is Amanda Jane Duggan and I am a successful weight loss surgery patient and Bariatric Success Coach

I can help you to accelerate your weight loss and maintain it for life. I arrange your affordable, quality surgery provide you with Bariatric Success Coaching to help you eat to live rather than live to eat!

Your dream life and body is just a few clicks away!

Amanda Jane Duggan

New Leaf

Finally!! An overseas weight loss surgery provider that concentrates on providing you with

UK support

and everything you need for

long term weight loss success

Lose the weight and keep it off for life!

Types of surgery?

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I know where you’re at right now

I know what’s in your heart. You are completely fed up with trying every diet, every plan, shakes, clubs, books, gyms etc only to lose some weight and then put it all back on and more.

See, I know more about you than you think because you are not here by accident. I don’t believe in coincidences, you are reading this because you were guided to find me right now because I once was you. I completely understand the place of pain you are in now and I have made it my mission to help you to release your excess weight, step into your power and be the person you were always destined to be.

You seem to permanently be on a diet, but you are getting heavier year on year and you are exhausted. You know you need to do something different, something that will change not just what you eat but the constant mind whirring that never stops thinking about food, what to eat, when to eat, why did I eat that?

You want to lose weight and feel fitter, healthier, sexier and step in to the life that you always knew was therefor you. You know you were meant for so much more and now is the time to step out of your old skin and literally in to your new skin.

I also know you are intelligent enough to realise that surgery alone is not sufficient to bring about the long term lasting change in body, weight, positive body image and self confidence that you so desperately crave.

You may also be a little fearful about having the surgery itself and particularly about going abroad, even though you know you will be making an incredible saving by doing so.

You have probably looked at many bariatric surgeons and are looking for something that provides that extra level of support, guidance and direction.

You have found what you have been looking for.

What we provide is uniquely different;

We are the ONLY European company that specialises solely in bariatric surgery and helping our patients have the very best long term results possible. Not only in terms of weight loss, but in helping you step into your very best version of yourself in every way. We want to truly help you make a life changing commitment and realise your dreams with you.

Our surgeons are the most respected and prominent surgeons in the Czech Republic which has been a centre for excellence in bariatric surgery for the last 20 years. They are both the pioneers in this field, having been trained by the most prominent surgeons in America and Dr Hruby is the President of the Czech Metabolic and Bariatric Society and also the first surgeon in Eastern Europe to offer the future ‘gold standard’ of surgery, the SASI bypass.

Our hospitals are general hospitals which means they provide the best possible care, with all medical teams on site and fully equipped ICU for your optimal safety.

Uniquely, we will not take patients for surgery if we do not believe that the surgery will enhance their life or if they do not have the commitment for long term success.

Through a unique combination of surgery, strategy and support our team can give you all the tools that you need to achieve your ideal body shape, achieve a healthy relationship with food and be free from that constant chatter inside your head that is obsessed with food, eating and weight.

Our surgeons and hospital

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Bariatric Success Solution

Is surgery enough?

The things surgery won’t do that you need to put in place for long term success. 

Learn more about our Bariatric Success programmes.

Here at New Leaf we can help you with every aspect of your weight loss journey

All of our staff at New Leaf – including Amanda has had surgery with our surgeons so completely understand what you are going through and can help support you every step of the way.

With New Leaf you stay in hospital the whole time and are monitored by a doctor every day.  The nursing staff are all second to none.

Our very experienced surgeons have very low complication rates and our hospital environments have every type of specialist and a fully equipped ICU unit on site – the ability to have a patient in ICU and the operating theatre within minutes if a problem arises can literally save lives.

New Leaf offers lifetime support with ongoing education through videos, seminars and support groups, we are specialists in weight loss, surgery, coaching and support.

We follow strict safety guidelines, offering the same service as the UK.


What makes us unique?


*Less than 50% of UK prices


Hospital environment with every type of specialists and fully equipped ICU unit on site – the ability to have a patient in ICU and the operating theatre within minutes if a problem arises can literally save lives


Member of EU so very strict guidelines for safety, same as the UK


We have a total transparency ethos as a company



All staff including Amanda has had the surgery with our surgeons so completely understand what you are going through and can help support you every step of the way.


Lifetime support through New Leaf, ongoing education through videos, seminars and support groups


Pay only 500 euro deposit, the rest not until you get there


All reviews are real, no posts on our Facebook group or website are deleted



Very experienced surgeons with very low complication rates


Stay in hospital the whole time and be monitored by a doctor every day


Specialists in weight loss – surgery, coaching, support


All contracts are provided well before surgery for your total piece of mind

Our Packages

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What to expect when having weight loss surgery with New Leaf


Join me every Wednesday evening at 7pm on Facebook for my Bariatric Mindset TV livestream.

Also, join our two support groups below. One is for clients and prospective clients to get general support from our team and the other is all about success strategy and mindset. 

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  • positive review  Claire is my ‘go to ‘ girl when I need help . She is super speedy and always does a great job , I highly recommend her !

    thumb Jeannie Righton

    positive review  If you need a person that talks your language and not tecky go to Claire !!

    thumb Debbie Pateman

    positive review  Claire is very approachable, listens & gives honest input, doesn’t overwhelm with tech talk & produces amazing results in a short time frame. Her website designs definitely promote & enhance your business.

    thumb Donna Waters
  • positive review  Claire is amazing and totally changed my life! Thank you x

    thumb Caroline Nolder

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