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Bariatric Surgery with New Leaf

  Bariatric Success Solution Surgery only
Gastric plication €4750 €3250
Gastric sleeve €5950 €4500
All bypasses €6780 €5280
Band to sleeve* €6280 €4800
Band to RNY or MGB* €6995 €5580
Wrap to sleeve €6200 €4800
Sleeve to SASI €5950 €4500
Sleeve to MGB/RNY €7100 €5580

All prices are in a shared room, if you wish a private room it will cost an additional €300

If you wish to take a companion to stay in your room you will be charged 30 Euro per day which will include 3 meals. Alternatively there are some good, very reasonably priced hotels nearby where your companion can stay.


Bariatric Success Solution

Surgery is a fabulous tool, it will help you lose weight like no diet or exercise program ever has. However, there is always a complicated catalogue of emotional, psychological and physiological reasons for the weight gain in the first place and without eliminating the reasons that your mind has for keeping the weight and changing your relationship with food you are risking being one of the 40% of patients that regain weight after the surgery. 

Put yourself first and make the additional commitment to change your life for ever by opting for our Bariatric Success Solution to provide you with the most extensive support available to help you release your weight and break free from the bondage of food for good.

Please note* This is on an application basis due to the intensive level of support provided, spaces are limited


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With every Bariatric Success Solutionfree transfers included worth up to


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Due to the nature of the intensive support provided, we have limited places available on our Bariatric Success Solution. Therefore, we ensure that you are in the best place to access this course in terms of health, determination and commitment. If you are interested in this solution, please book a call with Amanda and she will have a chat with you to ascertain the best way we can support you in your journey.

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Also, join our two support groups below. One is for clients and prospective clients to get general support from our team and the other is all about success strategy and mindset. 

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